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Sponsoring the MPCA

An investment in the MPCA Sponsorship Program will provide sponsors access to an extensive, well-established primary care infrastructure, maximizing organizational exposure to MPCA membership and MPCA staff. Sponsorship provides opportunities for an organization to distiguish itself and build key relationships amongst Missouri's Community Health Centers and allows MPCA members to easily identify and evaluate opportunities for partnership.


MPCA seeks contributions from private organizations to support MPCA's mission on key strategic programs and overall operations.


Funding generated through the MPCA Sponsorship program will support the programs and activites contained in MPCA's Strategic Plan. All initiatives described in the Strategic Plan align with MPCA's mission.


Over the course of the year, MPCA may identify additional programs and activities not included in the Strategic Plan. MPCA may seek sponsorship for these activities if they align with MPCA's mission, or it may request that existing sponsorships be re-directed to address these new activities.



Sponsors can give at the Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Supporter, and Partner levels, with each level offering different benefits.

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